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Seniors Mobility Series

Check out our 8-part series designed to help seniors to improve joint flexibility and stability, and reduce the risk of falls. Each video contains 10 minutes of easy-to-follow moves. Do each routine daily for one week and feel the difference in two months!

Want to run a 21km half-marathon in six weeks?

So you’ve taken up running during the pandemic and now want to challenge yourself with a half-marathon. With just 6 weeks to go before the race, will you be able to do it?

Some of our Clients

Our experience with a wide variety of clients means that we are able to provide customised, targetted programmes to meet different training needs.


Microsoft Corporation


Raffles Junior College




Nanyang Technological University


Singapore Cricket Association


SpecialKids Child Health & Development Clinic


Temasek Polytechnic



what people say about us

YEONG SHENG 47, Software Developer, Father of 2

I highly recommend Pek Ya’s sessions, for those who want to open your eyes to what you never knew about yourself (physically). It is a very eye-opening and humbling journey that brings about a new level of awareness and foundational fitness knowledge to accompany you for years to come.

Bryan12, Primary School Student

We are truly grateful and appreciative for all the help that Bryan has received and we do highly recommend Unpossible to others!