At Unpossible, we will challenge your assumptions about fitness. Through our highly-personalised approach, we take a holistic view of each client's aspirations and personal circumstances in order to create bespoke programmes that bring results.


Our coaches are driven by their passion to bring positive change to their clients' lives. We are continuously learning and deepening our expertise in order to bring more value to our clients.


Pek ya

Certified Personal Trainer, American Council of ExerciseDiploma in Learning Disorders Management and Child PsychologyContact: +65 9848 8345Email:

Sports has always been part of my life.

Being a premature baby and sickly child, I was pushed into swimming at age 7 to build my respiratory health. At 10, I began practicing Chinese martial arts to regulate my strength.

Through sports I have forged friendships, built tenacity and burned emotional angst. From the school badminton team to the Taekwondo club and becoming a national-level Triathlete in university, sports has been the fabric that holds the different parts of my life together.

Sports has taught me valuable life lessons, given me a community and managed my ADHD tendencies. I want to share its joys and benefits with others.

I have been coaching professionally since 1999 and have experience working in a range of formats, including individualised personal coaching, corporate wellness programmes and training competition sports teams.

I am excited by the difference that sports and fitness brings to each one of my clients - from Special Kids, to high-performance athletes, persons recovering from injury, women navigating the menopause and seniors. My bespoke approach sees every client as an individual and creates solutions that get them to their goals one step and one movement at a time.

When I coach children, especially Special Kids, it feels like I am connecting with my younger self (in a different era and context, of course). Coaching children presents a unique set of challenges, but I believe strongly in the possibilities and potential of each child and have seen how improvements in their movement, co-ordination and sporting skills can build confidence and expand their social circles at school.

I would like to partner you on your journey to your Unpossible goal, supporting you with knowledge, experience and passion.


Contact: +65 9237 3750Email:

Jim Rohn said 'Your body is the only place that you have to live’, and that is why I am inspired to provide holistic fitness programmes for every client that I work with.

I started my fitness coaching journey in 2012, after obtaining my Sports Science Diploma and have been working closely alongside physiotherapists. My clientele includes adults with postural issues, compromised joints and even spinal paralysis.

I provide customised, client-centric programmes using my exercise and fitness knowledge, as well as my training in in Deep Tissue Massage (working on tightness in the muscular system) and Raindrop Massage (using aroma oils to activate responses in the nervous system).

If you want to take control of your injuries and age gracefully, get in touch.


Through our network of specialist partners, we are able to create targeted programmes for clients who want to go further.


Rock Climbing

Chew has over 10 years of working experience in indoor climbing gyms both in Singapore and Sydney, and has trained high-level youth climbers for these countries.

With a strong sense of observation and keen eye for detail, Chew excels as a technique coach and is able to identify micro errors in a climber’s movement and help correct them.

To find out more about Chew, go to


Martial Arts

Jeson became a Krav Maga Master Trainer at 29 years old. He also holds a Taekwondo 5th dan, Krav Maga 2nd dan, Hapkido 2nd dan and Yongmoodo 1st dan.

In 2020/1, Jeson was personal trainer to Dev Patel, helping Patel to prepare for his role in the action thriller 'Monkey Man’.



Wan Ling is certified in Comprehensive Studio Pilates by Polestar Pilates, USA and has worked with a range of clients in both mat routines and machines.

Wan Ling particularly appreciates the role of Pilates in rehabilitation, as well as its ability to challenge one cognitively as well as physically. Most importantly, it is a modality that leads to better movement strategies for daily activities such as walking and even sitting and standing. Her current interest is in the mind-body integration through gentle movements.