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Personal Training


We provide one-on-one bespoke coaching for individuals who appreciate personalised attention. Our coaches will create a customised training programme to meet your health and fitness needs.


We can design programmes for your corporate wellness initiatives. Our coaches have worked with schools, multi-national corporations and hotels.

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Special Kids

Children with special needs often benefit greatly from customised physical training. We have worked with children across a spectrum of neurological challenges such as autism, dyspraxia, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), attention deficit disorder (ADD) and developmental co-ordination disorder (DCD). Aside from improving their motor skills and co-ordination in daily activities, our special kids benefit from increased fitness and ability to participate in social sporting activities with their friends.

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Already active in sports and looking for someone to help you gain an edge in your regular training?

We run technical analysis to help you find the small but precise changes that can help you run, swim or ride faster and longer. We conduct running-gait analysis, swim-stroke analysis and functional movement screening to provide objective feedback and benchmarks to enable you to improve your training program and reach your goals.

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Massage therapy is a regular recovery modality for high-level athletes.

We provide sports massages for those who have been training intensely or want help to deal with tight or sore muscles which are hindering their performance. As the massage involves deep tissue fascial release, you may experience a little soreness and it is advisable to not exercise for 24 hours (depending on your recovery rate) following the massage session.

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